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Michael Schulz Joined October 2, 2017
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Michael Schulz Regional Manager SOS FIRST
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THE WORLD’S GREATEST ACUTE PERSONAL HELP COMPANY Established 1961, SOS FIRST is the World’s oldest emergency assistance company, offering services within worldwide medical and travel assistance, healthcare services and roadside assistance. Handling more than one million cases annually, utilizing the network of more than 120,000 providers, SOS FIRST focuses relentlessly on securing customers the optimal combination of lowest possible claims costs and best customer experience. Over 25 service offices globally enable SOS FIRST to provide localized assistance services to expatriates and leisure and business travellers. Being a first in the business, SOS FIRST offers innovative digital solutions focusing on reducing healthcare claims through preventive, treating and rehabilitating products. As another first, digitised in-flight medical assistance services prevent emergency landings and act as a huge cost saver for airlines. SOS FIRST and SOS International is owned by 16 Nordic insurance companies and the combined case volume of these and other customers places SOS FIRST as one of the World’s largest assistance companies.