Board Committees

Overall Objective of the Committees

All board members must constantly seek out for potential new members, opportunities and provide inputs that benefits and adds value to DTCC membership, working in synergy with all committees.

Committees should meet at least 10 times per year. All committees must report activities and plans at board meetings.

Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee is responsible for representing DTCC in certain advocacy groups such as the JFCCT. They help act as liaison, circulating relevant news and help monitor the activities in such organizations to make sure that it is in benefit of DTCC members.

Event Committee

The event committee is responsible in cooperating with DTCC staffs on strategics and planning all DTCC events, ensuring that DTCC consistently offer a wide range of topics and themes that generates interest and participation, that in which, adds value for our DTCC members and potential future members.

The Committee will help DTCC staffs overview the planning of all DTCC events (Breakfast seminars, networking events, and other special events). They are responsible for brainstorming and proposing:

  • Venues
  • Topics and Themes
  • Guest speakers
  • Budget (in accumulation for the entire year)

Events committee members should be present at each DTCC events if possible to ensure overall good conduct of each event when possible.

Media/PR Committee

Mr. Michael Andersen 

Media committee is responsible for cooperating with the DTCC staffs to develop media strategy and facilitate DTCC’s communication to members and non-members. They are responsible in ensuring the quality and the efficiency of the communication between the Board and its members and potential new members of DTCC.

Members of the Committee helps the office to create and monitor the content and plan an efficient media strategy that adds value to DTCC members through the following channels:

  • DTCC Website
  • E-Newsletter
  • Social media
  • Yearbook
  • Other (e.g. special media material used in DTCC events, such as video, etc.)

The membership committee also acts as advisor in developing DTCC sponsorship strategy and sponsorship packages.

Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for developing a strategy for retaining existing members and an action plan to attract new members.

The members of the Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Contribute in the approval process and monitor new membership applicants
  • Identify potential new members
  • Follow up on new members pipeline
  • Attend and help facilitate networking at events (e.g. as introducers)

Regulations Committee

The regulations committee is responsible for  By-Laws and procedures in general, members AGM etc, as well as looking in to By-Laws changes.

Treasury Committee

The treasury committee is responsible for two separated tasks. One member is to ensure over all good conduct and status of chambers’ budget and financial report in cooperation with DTCC staffs, external accountant, and DTCC board of directors.

He or she have a consulting role in preparing reports for board meetings and account procedures.

Other members are in charge of:

  • Payment procedures for printing checks
  • Purchase and use of credit card
  • Rules for use of proxies for payments

The members has the authority to approve payments of the costs of either events or monthly fixed costs as staff salaries etc. according to DTCC Chart of Authorities.