Why There is No Danish National Day

WHY DENMARK DON’T HAVE A NATIONAL DAY… Norway a few days ago celebrated their national day on the 17 May.  Most other countries in Europe – and in the world – have a fixed

Thailand Issues Regulation on Exaggerated Advertisements

Thailand has issued a regulation on advertising content—including language-related requirements—securing the right of consumers to clear and fair advertising. The Committee on Advertisement, a subcommittee of the Consumer Protection Board under the Consumer Protection

Thailand Tightens Rules for Consumer Loan Agreements

According to our member company Tilleke & Gibbins, the Contract Committee of Thailand’s Consumer Protection Board has issued new requirements and prohibitions for consumer loan agreements. The Notification of the Contract Committee Re: Stipulation

World’s Best Workplace goes to Novo Nordisk in 2022

Topping this year's ranking being the worlds best workplace was Novo Nordisk, the global healthcare company with almost a century of innovation and leadership in diabetes care followed by Takeda, the leading global healthcare

Denmark Among the Top Best Passports in 2023

Kicking off 2023, Japan retains the lead as the most powerful passport in the world, securing entry into 193 countries, followed closely by Singapore and South Korea with 192 countries. Denmark is however close