DanCham is pleased to offer your organisation the opportunity to advertise in our next year's 2020-2021 Member Directory. The Directory is a valuable source of data for advertisers and members alike offering relevant information and an updated Member Directory with full company details. It is distributed to all DTCC members and to other stakeholders.

1,000 copies will be distributed to over 100 corporate members (Thailand and overseas). Moreover, the Directory will be available at embassies, relevant trade organisations in Denmark as well as other Chambers and government organisations in Thailand.

Prime Position

  • Page 1 – 5                                     THB 39,000 (+7% VAT)
  • Front Cover Inside                     THB 44,000 (+7% VAT)
  • Back Cover                                  THB 42,000 (+7% VAT)

General Positions

  • Double page    THB 51,000 (+7% VAT)
  • Full page           THB 31,000  (+7% VAT)
  • Half Page          THB 19,000   (+7% VAT)  

Confirmation Your Advertisement

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*There will be 5% extra charge for overseas transfers*