The Danish Trade Council

The Trade Council is the governmental export and investment promotion organisation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The organisation comprises all governmental activities designed to promote Danish export and foreign investment in Denmark under one roof.

The Trade Council has approximately 100 employees in Denmark and 300 employees abroad located at more than 100 embassies, consulates general and trade commissions.

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Invest in Denmark

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Invest in Denmark is a customised one-stop service for foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark.

Invest in Denmark provides your company with a tailor-made solution for locating your business in Denmark. Their specialized staff across the globe has the corporate background, industry insight and well-connected networks to advise you on every aspect of locating in Denmark. Not only in the establishing phase of your business, but also as your business grows. The tailor-made solutions include connecting companies with key local contacts, arranging fact-finding tours and providing comprehensive benchmark analyses. Invest in Denmark make sense of local legislation and advantages of locating in Denmark – all free of charge and in guaranteed full confidentiality.

The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The primary objective of The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, DFSME, is to improve the business conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises.

DFSME was founded in Denmark in 1879. Today it is the main business organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises in Denmark and represents approximately 20,000 companies within different sectors such as construction, manufacturing, crafts, retail and services.

Employees at the Secretariat work as consultants and take an active part in the formulation of political and commercial initiatives. In addition, they are in daily correspondence with stakeholders such as companies, public and private organisations, politicians and the media.

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Confederation of Danish Industry

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is the strong voice of corporate Denmark. On the behalf of 10,000 member companies, DI works to provide the best conditions for Danish businesses in order to improve the opportunities for growth and overall competitiveness.

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is a private organisation funded, owned and managed entirely by 10,000 companies within manufacturing, trade and service industry. DI aims to provide the best possible corporate conditions for Danish industry. Its membership is comprised of 10,000 private enterprises within manufacturing and services covering virtually all sub-sectors.

Also, a number of sectoral employers’ associations and branch federations are included in DI’s framework, being integrated in part or in full in DI. Moreover, the members of DI in each county constitute a regional federation dealing with regional policy as well as educational issues. DI is financed and owned by the members and governed by a council and executive committee elected by the annual general assembly.

DI’s activities could be categorised as follows:

  • Policy advocacy – at local, national, and international level
  • Membership services – information, advisory services, and consulting
  • Network relations – between members and with society at large

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The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the farming and food industry of Denmark including businesses, trade and farmers’ associations.

Agriculture and food are Denmark’s largest industry and innovation grouping, employing some 170,000 people and exporting agricultural products, food and equipment to an annual value of approx. € 20 billion.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is the result of a merger of five organisations: Danish Agriculture, the Danish Bacon and Meat Council, the Danish Agricultural Council, the Danish Dairy Board and Danish Pig Production.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

  • Promotes the political influence of the agricultural sector
  • Offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective services for its members
  • Implements research and development programmes within food safety and veterinary issues, animal health and productivity, animal welfare, environment and energy.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council handles the professional interests of its members, including:

  • Overall industrial policy and regulatory framework
  • Research and innovation policy
  • Trade and market policy and the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety
  • Environmental and energy policies

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council owns SEGES, which is the research and innovation center for the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service.

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