The Nordic Region – together we are stronger

The Nordic countries have a long tradition of trust-based co-operation stemming from our common historical, cultural and geographical heritage. The national societies are also based on the same fundamental values, such as democracy, human rights and sustainability. Over the years, these positions of joint strength have been used to generate synergies and share experiences in a way that facilitates effective responses to a wide range of issues and provides benefits for the people of all of the Nordic countries. Ongoing efforts to guarantee the free movement of people, goods and services between the countries has helped boost national competitiveness. Working together also means that the Nordic Region exerts greater global influence. Together we are stronger.

The Nordic Region is innovative, particularly in welfare, education, creativity, entrepreneurship, sustainability and research. The Nordic Countries work closely together to enhance quality and to improve efficiency by tackling specific challenges faced by the people of the Region.

Thai – Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The Thai – Swedish Chamber was formed in 1989 and after more than 23 years of existence has established itself firmly in the international business community in Thailand. With some 100 members it has a good foundation for its activities.

Through an active Chamber Program Committee, it secures interesting guest speakers from the top of Thai administration and political life. Also foreign guest speakers give our members a constant update on current issues, local as well as global.

The Chamber provides regular opportunities for members to meet and network through a variety of functions and activities.

The Chamber Board of Directors is composed of a president, two vice presidents, committee members responsible for membership relations, the program committee, foreign chamber and government relations, legal affairs, media and treasury. An executive director and two staff at the Chamber office administer the Chamber.

The Chamber conducts an essential role in the Thai-Swedish business and through its membership of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) it identifies businessmen’s problems and opportunities, seeking support in Thai Government policies to address these issues. This includes interaction with for example the Board of Trade, Thai Customs Department, Immigration and Revenue Departments, Board of Investments etc. providing access to top officials in the Thai administration including the Prime Minister.

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Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

The Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1996 with the aim of facilitating increased trade and investment between Thailand and Norway. It provides members with a forum to improve business conditions and opportunities as well as creating venues and channels for exchange and sharing of information. The Chamber organizes business related events from Breakfast Meetings covering current business affairs, to topical Business Seminars and Dinner Events featuring guest speakers.

Current membership stands at around 90 premium and corporate members in addition to some 10 individuals. The Chamber office is co-located with Innovation Norway’s representative office in Bangkok’s central business district and also works closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy as part of Team Norway. Through its membership of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT), the Chamber identifies challenges and opportunities in doing business in Thailand, seeking support in Thai Government policies to address such issues. This includes interaction with key stakeholders in Thailand relevant to the business community such as the Board of Trade, the Thai Customs Department, The Immigration Department, The Revenue Department and the Board of Investment as well as providing access to top officials in the Thai administration.

The Norway-Asia Business Review Magazine is issued four times per year. Business Review features interesting articles about business, trade, politics and life style in both Norway and Southeast Asia. It is distributed free to the members of all Norwegian business associations in South and Southeast Asia as well as other contacts. The Chamber website contains news and information about the latest Chamber activities. It also provides links to useful intelligence within business and trade in Thailand.

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Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

The Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) is dedicated to promoting cooperation between Finland and Thailand by providing a link between the member organizations. The TFCC has a long tradition in promoting contacts and exchange of information between companies involved with Thai-Finnish trade. The TFCC was initially founded as the Thai-Finnish Trade Association in 1988. The organization expanded due to growing demand into a Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in 1992.

The Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) continuously strives to add value for our members by actively creating connections and business opportunities. Our aim is to create a platform for networking by hosting both business and social inter-chamber events and by finding synergies and collaborative opportunities for our members.

The TFCC’s objectives include promoting and developing trade links between Finland and Thailand, being a forum to discuss and exchange ideas on Thai-Finnish cooperation and economic issues, and assisting and developing businesses in both Finland and Thailand e.g. through business seminars and events. TFCC aims to serve its members by providing networking opportunities; conferences and seminars representing expertise on government, public and private sectors issues.

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