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Some DTCC members have participated in the ALIGN innovation project conducted by UKON A/S and Aarhus University on how to proactively make use of cultural diversity in global leadership teams.


Be among the first to hear about the results.


We have invited Mette Thunø and Jan Ifversen from Aarhus University and Anders Trillingsgaard from UKON A/S to present results from their project. The research results are primarily based on interviews with global teams in Danish companies, among which a number of teams working in Thailand. Our invited guests will present their analysis of interviews, new theoretical models as well as useful tools and practice for increasing intercultural competence in global teams.


The presentation will address questions such as:

  • Why is it a good idea to strengthen cultural diversity in leadership teams?
  • How can members of global teams positively acknowledge cultural diversity, and what is the impact of doing this?
  • In which areas of work are intercultural leadership teams mostly challenged?
  • How best to employ cultural diversity to improve teamwork?


There will also be time for questions and knowledge sharing with your DTCC colleagues.


The ALIGN project is a research-based innovation project initiated by UKON A/S in cooperation with Department of Global Studies at Aarhus University and supported by a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark. The aim of the project is to use a research based study of intercultural teams to develop new knowledge and new methods that can strengthen global leadership.


Find more information at www.alignproject.org

New e-commerce business models are hitting the web offering improved engagement and new sales tactics. E-commerce is becoming much more than just an online storefront. For example, a new trend that is catching the eyes of many in Thailand is the online auction which allows the consumer to buy products at unbeatable prices, as well as adding an element of fun to the market.

One emerging example is Chilindo Co. Ltd. who is leading this trend in Thailand and has gained great traction with its auctions starting at 1 THB. While others have stuck to the pay per bid model, the free and easy sign-up and free bidding seem to be propelling the company to success. Unlike Ebay and other marketplaces, this is a strictly business-to-consumer model that eliminates the struggles consumers have in dealing with unprofessional users of the marketplace.

More information about Chilindo : Here


Event Program

07:30 – 08:00  :  Registration opens
08:00 – 08:30  :  Breakfast
08:30 – 10:45   :  Seminar
10:45 – 11:00     :  Q & A
11:00 – 11:45      :  Chilindo presentation
11:45 – 12:00     :  Q & A
12:00                 :  Closing the event

Prices:Members: 800 baht
Non-Members: 1000 bahtTo sign up, send DanCham an email at Contact@dancham.or.th