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Dear Members and Friends,

Unfortunately, and for unavoidable reasons our speaker and business strategist Mr. Jacob Johansen, has requested the chamber to postpone the visit to Thailand until later this year.

We therefore regrettably postpone the seminar on ‘From Customer to User’ business strategy originally planned for 14 Sept. We will get back to you in good time with a new date this week. Most likely Jacob will be able in November.

Meanwhile we can strongly recommend the next upcoming events such as the seminar on directors’ liabilities, the annual Leif Eriksen’s Day, Insurance seminar on pitfalls when choosing your insurance and much more to come up during the autumn winter season.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this postponement may have caused you.


RE-THINK YOUR COMPANY STRATEGY and stop focusing on customers and expand your worldview to users instead. This is what Jacob Johansen is going to tell us the DTCC Seminar based on his book From Customer to User published in April 2022 in Danish and English. The Danish Business Strategist will visit Thailand and tell us about his new business model on shifting your mindset to conceive customers as being users.

Jacob Johansen is a consultant at PwC’s Strategy& in China, and is recognized as a thought leader in this domain. He is the author of the book, “From Customer to User,” which explore the principles behind user-centricity. Jacob collaborates with leading local and international companies, assisting them in adopting a user-centric mindset. His work encompasses high-level strategic thinking and hands-on pragmatism, enabling the implementation of these innovative principles.

During his work as an external consultant with IKEA China for four years, Jacob Johansen developed a radical new approach to business, innovation, and branding. Ideas he now presents in a book after being encouraged to do so by IKEA’s CEO.

Jacob Johansen boldly claims his book will enable you to crack the most significant challenge in business: applying and maintaining a constant outside-in perspective. His recipe is simple yet effective: Stop focusing on customers and expand your worldview to users. All you have to do is to fulfil the needs of users. Following user needs is the new compass that your business will always be able to navigate by.

There will be served a light meal and drinks along with seminar ensuring that you will not leave the venue hungry.

When: TBD.

Venue: TBD.

Entrance fee: Members of DTCC and Co-branding Chambers 600 THB. Non – Members 1,200 THB.