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Dear Members,

In connection with the passing away of Jørgen Lundbæk, his daughter Wiparudee Lundbæk, CEO of Hotel Mermaid, asked the chamber and SSS whether we would like to take over the library books on the top floor meeting room. The hotel are now in the process of being renovated and Khun Wiparudee has asked us to take the books out of the hotel as fast as possible for distribution to SSS and DTCC members. Most of the books comprises light literature paperback books in Scandinavian and English languages.

The DTCC office took the initiative to coordinate the safekeeping of the books at a more secure place (not exposed to rain and sun). On Friday 30 April 2021, Khun Gregers from Scandmedia provided the transport for the almost 1500 books to be safeguarded at Grundfos premises who kindly provided storage place for the books.

In connection with the relocation of the books, we are pleased to invite you to book fair at Grundfos Co. Ltd on tentatively Saturday 6 June 2021, from 1300 – 1700. This will only take place provided the COVID situation in Bangkok will allow for this. We may change the date, so we will keep you informed on further update.

Grundfos and SSS will sponsor Danish Open Sandwiches from Danish Bakery and water and coffee/tea.

This event is available for DTCC & SSS members only.

Registrations are closed for this event