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Visakha Bucha Day or Wan Pra Yai marks the three important incidents in the life of Lord Buddha on the same day – the full moon of the sixth lunar month. The three significant separate events are :

1.The Buddha’s Birth

2.The Enlightenment of Buddha

3.The Nibbana

Activities to be observed on Visakha Bucha Day

1. Offering food to monks and novices in the morning,

2. Some people visit the temples to listen to Dhamma preaching

3. Making merit by going to temples for special observances, making merit, giving some donations and join in the other Buddhist activities.

4. Setting birds or fish free to get rid of bad karma

In Thailand, Visakha Bucha Day is a public holiday, so government offices, banks, and many shops are closed. Out of respect, Sales of all kinds of alcoholic drinks are banned from midnight of the religious day until midnight of the following day. Properly registered hotels are, however, exempted from the ban under the Hotels Act.