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2020s A Decade of Challenging Economic and Trade Growth between Thailand and Cambodia:
In Depth Views from Experts’ Perspectives

Please be invited to this seminar arranged by Thailand – Cambodia Business Council in cooperation with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand.

The seminar will focus on past experience and look forward into the 2020’s at possibilities for doing trade in Cambodia from Thailand. Some of the questions to be answered at the seminar would be:

• What does the investment and trade between Thailand and Cambodia
look like in 2020s?
• What are the key success factors for doing businesses in Cambodia?
• What should the business people do and not do in Cambodia?
• What else do you see the investment and trade opportunities left in Cambodia?
• What are the substantial changes in investment and trade between
Thailand and Cambodia for the past 5 years compared with this year?


Please find more information and sign up at this link.