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Are You Really Insured Properly for living in Thailand? 

Let’s face it. In Thailand selecting the right insurance can be a major challenge both for individuals and for companies. The number of brokers in Thailand are numerous and often the broker is your only lifeline to the insurance company proper.

After the Arabic Spring in 2010 upon which Thailand received a huge number of wealthy short term immigrants the prices of hospital services exploded over the next decade causing insurance premiums to explode as well. At the same time it created a jungle of insurance companies covered with a layer of insurance brokers of varied quality.

At this seminar sponsored by our corporate member EuropAsia Risk Management Mr. Horst Wiezorrek, Business Development Manager for EuropAsia Risk Management Co. Ltd. will present to us an overview of what to be aware of before choosing an insurance whether it be an individual or corporate entity.

Our long-time chamber member EuropAsia Risk Management is a member of AA Insurance Brokers and specialized in solutions for SME businesses and individuals.

The speaker who is well-reputed to a wide range of chamber members, Mr. Horst Wiezorrek, coming from Germany with more than 15 years’ experience in the Thai insurance business both in the area of health and accident insurance companies.

Mr. Horst joined Allianz Ayudhaya in 2008 and and is highly experienced in health and life insurance matters, after which he worked with Thaivivat, and set up IIB Brokers, Pacific Cross and 2019 he joined EuropAsia as a Business Development Manager. You can learn more about EuropAsia Risk Management here: https://europasia-riskmanagement.com/.

There will be a light meal and free drinks served at this event sponsored by EuropAsia Risk Management.