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The Discovery of North America – Leif Eriksens Day

At this event there will be a presentation of the establishment of the Norse exploration and establishment of trade routes in the North Atlantic incl. the settlement in North American based on the latest scientific discoveries.

For more than 1000 years ago a small group of Vikings landed on the rocky shores of New Foundland in North America. The chief of the group Leif Eriksen, was the son of Erik Redbeard born in Norway and later moved to Iceland.

In USA they are usually celebrating this event on the 9 October as a holiday. In the Nordics it is rare to observe this occasion. As his birthplace Greenland is a part of the Danish Kingdom this unique story of Viking Trade is of cultural and historical interest. Inspired by the latest Netflix series Viking Valhalla which are closer to the historical facts, we feel this could be a great occasion to celebrate here in Thailand at the Eastern Seaboard at the Danish restaurant Bryghuset Jomtien. We agreed in 2022 to have this as an annual event.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 7 October 2022. Time: 18.00 – 21.00

Venue: Bryghuset, Jomtien Beach

Cost: THB 600 for Chamber members and co-branding chambers.

THB 950 for non-members.
Price includes Viking food, soft drinks, wine and beer ad libitum between 1800 – 2000


Fried pork, with potatoes and parsley sauce (Danish National Dish)

Ground beef patties with potatoes & gravy

… and many other traditional Danish dishes to choose from.


Beer, House wine, Soft drinks, Water & Coffee

(Food and drinks will be served Ad Libitum from 18.00-20.00)

*Pre-registration & pre-payment are required. No payment at the door. No walk-ins please*  

Registrations are closed for this event