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Welcome to the DTCC

The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, DanCham, is a non-political, non-profit oriented legal entity for corporate people in Thailand who are involved in business between Thailand and Denmark.

The purpose of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce is not only to provide Danish-Thai companies with a stronger collective voice towards the Thai authorities, but also to further promote and expand trade between Thailand and Denmark as well as establish a forum for networking among the Thai and Danish business people living in Thailand or traveling here for business purposes.

Through Chamber events and media, DanCham acts as a forum, where ideas, experiences and knowledge are exchanged, and where members will be exposed to an invaluable network in the region.

The Chamber was established on 30 June 1992 as the first Danish Chamber in the Southeast Asia region.


To facilitate business opportunities by optimizing synergies between Thai and Danish values as well as raising standards of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices.


To provide an active forum in which members benefit from:

  • Possibilities for collaboration through network
  • Access to relevant information
  • Participation in international and domestic networks with Chambers and trade offices
  • Exchanging views, agreeing on common goals and collectively acting to achieve these
  • Promotion of the Chamber and members’ profiles

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