Kicking off 2023, Japan retains the lead as the most powerful passport in the world, securing entry into 193 countries, followed closely by Singapore and South Korea with 192 countries. Denmark is however close with 188 countries, securing a spot in the 5th highest ranking segment along with Austria, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Indications from Japan however suggests, that the passport will not be widely used, as 35% respond to not travelling abroad for leisure ever again. This along with a steep decline in passports in circulation creates the impression of a declining outwards tourism tendency in Japan.

For Thailand the passport gains access to 78 countries, but the prospect of welcoming tourists in 2023 is helping the economical recovery, as the market is heavily dependent on income from tourism. However, tourism in Denmark also accounts for a large share of income, with 33 million visitors in 2019 which dropped to 15 million in 2020.

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Bangkok Post 11/01-2023

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