Following New Years Eve on January 9th, any driver committing a traffic violation, will in addition to facing legal charges, also get points deducted from a newly introduced system, that will promote driving safely.

Casualties as a direct consequence of traffic soars to over 22.000 pr. year, leaves Thailand as the 9th highest rate of traffic accidents in the world.

All driving license holders will start with 12 points each, Highway Police Division commander Pol Maj-General Ekkarat Limsangkat said. However, these points will be points deducted whenever they are caught committing a traffic offense.

“For minor offences, we will deduct one point. For serious offences, we will deduct four points,” Ekkarat said. Speeding, failing to stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing, talking on the phone while behind the wheel, or driving a vehicle with no license plate will cost the driver one point. Two points will be deducted if they are caught jumping a red light, driving against the prescribed traffic direction, or driving while their license is confiscated or suspended. The three-point deduction is reserved for illegal road racing, while the highest penalty of a four-point deduction will occur in serious offences like drunk driving.

Source: Thai PBS World.

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