On 11th June 2014, Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce hosted “Breakfast Seminar Entrepreneurship 101: Road map from a young startup to build a successful company”, collaborated with Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Italian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Finnish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian-Thai Chamber of Commerce and Swedish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. The seminar took place at Grandmillenium Sukhumvit Hotel from 08.00-10.00 am with an exclusive Lecturer and Research Fellow from School of Entrepreneurship and Management of Bangkok University, Mrs.Ulrike Guelich and 2 successful entrepreneurs including Mr. Kenn Thaysen from Designers Field and Mr. Jakob Lykkegaard from Pocket Playlab as guest speakers and over 30 guests have participated.

The breakfast seminar highlighted the key learning to be a successful entrepreneur through the valuable perspective and experience shared by our guest speakers, Mrs. Ulrike Guelich, Mr. Kenn Thaysen and Mr. Jakob Lykkegaard.

The breakfast seminar began with the welcome speech from Mrs. Hanh Ngoc Nguyen, Executive Director of Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce for greeting the guests and introducing Mrs.Ulrike Guelich to have a presentation. Mrs.Urlike Guelich pointed the fact sheet and some comparisons as a snapshot for understanding the difference of entrepreneurship in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France and Thailand from 2012-2013 through GEM(Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) Study in 2013. The topics included Prevalence Rates of Activity at Different Stages of the Entrepreneurial Process, Potential Entrepreneurs, Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity, Established Business Owners and Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Perceptions. The satistic shows that Thailand has a potential field for entrepreneur to grow and success. The GEM Study also provided the guests the opportunities to achieve the entrepreneurship in Thailand through presenting the statistic and fact sheet of Unique Thai Characterictics of entrepreneurship in Thailand including the statistic for Thailand as one of 6 countries with high overall female to male entrepreneurship rates and the interesting fact about Female Entrepreneurship in  Thailand.



With the outstanding opening presentation by Mrs.Urlike Guelich, the breakfast seminar has been leadind to one of the most successful Danish entrepreneurs, Mr.Kenn Thaysen, the founder of Designers Field. Designers Field develops Scandinavian interior designing products and has been working with retailers and wholesalers around the world. Mr. Kenn Thaysen pointed his presentation in the corporate entrepreneur field and began with his history of how he become an entrepreneur and shared his valuable learning and failures.

Moreover, Mr. Kenn Thaysen presented the structure of Designers Field to give the guests an understanding about the road map to build a successful company including Mission, Organization, Global Market, Customers, Categories of designed products, Concepts, Mood boards, Design Brief and Design Factory. Thus inspired the guests to have the courage to be an entrepreneur and follow the dreams through sharing valuable perspectives.

  1. Build your Dream, before someone hire you to build theirs …
  2. You may take some wrong choices but in long term it can bring you to the right place.
  3. Build your employees as Leaders.
  4. A company is like a baby, nurse it and make sure you don’t run out of money.
  5. In designing business you need an efficient creative pipeline. Time is money



After being inspired by Mr. Kenn Thaysen from Designers Field, Mr. Jakob Lykkegaard, the Co-founder of Pocket Playlab, one of the finest social games production houses in South East Asia leaded the breakfast seminar to the final course by sharing his valuable working experience and the prosperous formula of Pocket Playlab as Danish Games from Bangkok and Mr. Jakob Lukkegaard also shared the fact of Pocket PlayLab today, the story behind Pocket PlayLab and Juice Cubes games application. Mr. Jakob Lukkegaard learned lessons of building the startup game company in Thailand as follows:

  1. Hire organically (Local/Expat)
  2. Get trusted Thai key managers
  3. Find the structure from start (BOI)



Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce emphasizes the opportunity of entrepreneurship in Thailand for Danish and foreign businessman and corporate company. We believes that the key learning and road map from successful entrepreneurs can help and inspire people who wants to become an entrepreneur to follow and achieve their dreams.