Dear Members,

According to the Regulations of Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within 120 days after the last date of the financial year for 2017. The chamber has tentatively set the AGM date to 23 March 2017.

Submitting Candidatures for the Board of Directors of the DTCC
The Chamber Regulations stipulates that one third of the total number of Directors shall be released from office at the AGM. At we already know that there will be vacancies at the AGM 2017 we would like to encourage interested corporate members to submit their candidatures.

Candidates who desire to become members of the Board Chamber shall submit their declaration of interest including a justification at least two weeks before the AGM. The Declaration shall comprise a relevant description of their background as well as how they intend to contribute to the chamber objectives and goals. The submitted Candidature and background shall be announced to the members by the Chamber at least 8 days before the AGM.

Candidatures will be announced before the AGM is convened.

Submitting proposals to the AGM 2017
DTCC is a proactive organization and forum where all members can contribute to the success of the organization. Members of the DTCC are encouraged to enhance and improve the organization. Among many ways this can be done by submitting proposals to DTCC. Members Proposals to be presented at the AGM shall be submitted at least two weeks before the AGM meeting takes place. The submitted proposals if any shall be distributed to the DTCC members at least 8 days before the AGM by posting the proposals on the DTCC website and by e-mail to the members.

Should you have any questions in general or related to the above announcement please feel welcome to contact the DTCC Secretariat by telephone or email.