Four new Directors was elected for the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting last Thursday 22 March 2018. The votes for the four persons were distributed almost evenly at the undramatic election.

The Four elected directors comprises the following:

  1. Mr. Peter Waagensen, Director, Bang & Olufsen
  2. Mr. Torben Zoffmann Wendelboe, Chief Executive Officer, ETK EMS ASIA Productions Ltd.
  3. Mr. Torben Nybo Jensen, Regional Director South East Asia, Scan Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
  4. Ms. Pimvimol (June) Vipamaneerut, Director, Tilleke & Gibbins

The four directors will supplement the existing six Directors, so that there now is 10 Board Directors of DTCC.

The new board of directors will constitute itself and assume its individual duties in two weeks’ time.

The present board of directors thus comprises:

Mr. Joachim Schalck, Country Director, Vestas
Mr. Kristoffer Paludan, Director, Michael Page
Mr. Charlie Chomchan, Managing Director, Pacific Rim Rich Group
Mr. Frank D Henriksen, Country Director, DanThai Machinery
Mr. Stiig Waever, Partner, Praesidio Group
Mr. Jesper Riis-Antonsen, Vice President, PANDORA Production Co., Ltd.
Mr. Torben Nybo Jensen, Regional Director South East Asia, Scan Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
Mr. Peter Waagensen, Director, Bang & Olufsen
Ms. Pimvimol (June) Vipamaneerut, Director, Tilleke & Gibbins
Mr. Torben Z. Wendelboe, Chief Executive Officer, ETK EMS Asia Productions Ltd.

Kind regards,


Michael Andersen