Dear Members,

 As a part of the strengthening of the Chamber towards a more business and trade oriented chamber, the Chamber would like to inform our members on staff changes in the Chamber Office as follows:



Marketing & Member Manager

Ms. Alin Boonkrungthong

who started to work for us on 15 June 2017. Ms. Alin has worked in Sales & Marketing department at International Hotel Chains over the past five years as a role of Business Development Manager and Event Sales Specialist. Ms. Alin holds a Master degree in Design, Innovation & Brand Management with a Merit Awarded from University for The Creative Arts in the UK. Not only in the business field but also in the community volunteer service, as a four months – volunteer teacher at opportunity expansion school in Chiang Mai.




Media Officer

Ms. Thanita Wongprasert

who will start work for us on 27 June 2017. Ms. Thanita or Ninar has worked at the Consular Section of the British Embassy so she would bring a professional working system experience. Ms. Thanita’s Bachelor degree is in International Programme of Social Science in British and American Studies from Thammasat University.


The former interns Ms. Peerada Kusalangkulwat and Jasmin Amanda Endrina will complete their internship with the Chamber from the 1 July 2017.