General Manager, Non Profit Food Recycling & Distribution
Scholars Of Sustenance
Bangkok, Thailand – October 2015

For immediate interviewing, Scholars Of Sustenance (SOS), a sustainability non-profit organization in the hotel food recycling industry is hiring a senior manager to run Thailand operations.
The manager will set up the local entity in Bangkok, hire drivers and chefs, and operate a food conversion kitchen facility. SOS picks up excess hotel food to re-package it into portion containers and distribute it to poor areas. In stage 1, food will be collected and delivered to kitchens in orphanages, women’s shelters etc. Stage 2 takes food to impoverished villages, and stage 3 entails school children for the food distribution, earning points towards scholarships. Hotel award ceremonies, celebrity involvement, and commercial interfacing with hotel management will be a high priority, but the main purpose remains maximizing the recycling of excess hotel and supermarket food to needing families, while lifting disadvantaged children out of poverty by providing education.
SOS requires a senior person with hotel M&A or senior chef experience, able to represent SOS to hotel staff and management to negotiate hotel contracts. Candidate must speak Thai, fully comprehend Thai culture, and preferably have experience in running a similar small team. Candidate must understand food transport and storage rules, have some background in food cost and safety, and know how to combine food leftovers for mass food production. Some administrative background in filing taxes and government paperwork is required, including an ability of interfacing with our local attorneys and accountants, paying and directing salaries, communicating with and representing the global SOS organization in USA, working with other charities and schools around stages 2 and 3, building hotel industry reputation and holding the annual award ceremony. To build a full organization together with assistance and funding from SOS USA, personal passion, enthusiasm, energy, commitment and entrepreneurship are valued traits for this important position.

Interviewing for this position will take place in November. CVs to be emailed to