The chamber has received from Dej-Udom Law the following update related to Work Permit issued at the One Stop Service Center Update

With immediate effect, the Labour Office at the OSSC announced the implementation of a new reduced eligibility period for the submission of work permit renewal applications. This new rule applies to non-BOI work permits.

Instead of the previous 45-day window for the submission period prior to the expiration date, the OSSC has decided to reduce the window submission period for work permit renewal applications down to 30 days prior to the expiration date. The reason of the change is conformity and to have every work permit holder use the same submission period rules, both for the rapid process at the OSSC and for the regular process at the Employment Department in all parts of the country.

Please note that for long term-visa renewals(non-BOI visa), Immigration at the OSSC has not changed the rules for the window submission period for visa extensions. The 45-day window submission period remains the same when filing visa extensions. This means the eligible window submission period for visa extensions is 45 days before the visa expiration date.

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