The Annual General Meeting of Danish –Thai Chamber of Commerce was held at Pandora Productions Co., Ltd., Bangkok, on the 2 September 2020. Pandora Productions provided Danish food and sweets from Conrads Deli as well as an excellent service in conducting the AGM meeting.

More than 30 members turned up representing 21 companies and individuals. The Danish Ambassador Jon Thorgaard was attending the AGM as the honorary member of the chamber.

In an undramatic procedure 6 members was elected as board members; 3 were re-elected and 3 new stepped in. The new board thus comprises the following board members:

  1. Mr. Claus Rasmussen, Pandora Production
  2. Ms. Siriporn Wongurai, Falck Global Assistance
  3. Mr. Supareak Charlie Chomchan, P. Rich Group
  4. Mr. Stiig Weaver, Weaver Group
  5. Mr. Kenth Hvid Nielsen, Grundfos Thailand
  6. Mr. Horst Wiezorrek, EuropAsia Insurance
  7. Mr. Torben Zoffmann Wendelboe, ETK EMS Asia Production
  8. Mr. Hans Jørgen Ibsen Nielsen, SHAW Group
  9. Mr. Michael Andersen, L.V. Technology
  10. Ms. Pimvimol Vipamaneerut, Tilleke & Gibbins

The board will convene as soon as possible to assume duties hereunder elect a new Chairman for the board.