New Board Elected for the DTCC
Good Governance on the Table for the AGM

On the evening of 21 March 2019, the Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Meeting at the Two Pacific Place building in Bangkok. Seven candidates were on the electionof which two were for re-election. All seven was elected for the DTCC board so that the complete board now stands with a maximum of 11 members. The board will convene in April to elect the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board and assume their duties. The complete list of directors elected for the board for 2019 comprises the following:

  • Supareak Charlie Chomchan, P. Rich Group

  • Stiig Weaver, Weaver Group

  • Peter Waagensen, Bang & Olufsen

  • Frank D. Henriksen, DanThai Machinery

  • Torben Zoffmann Wendelboe, ETK EMS Asia Production

  • Hans Jørgen Ibsen Nielsen, SHAW Group

  • Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, Lykke Studios

  • Pimvimol Vipamaneerut, Tilleke & Gibbins

  • Nanna Liborius Sjoerup, Novo Nordisk

  • Siriporn, Falck Global Assistance Limited

  • Claus Rasmussen, Pandora Production

  • Peter Sand, Embassy Representative

Before the AGM the board comprised 7 directors of which two directors were due for re-election.

With Denmark recently nominated as the least corrupted country in the world, the board presented its intentions to emphasize good governance. A number of proposals intended to promote more transparency and good governance in the Chamber were placed for voting before the AGM participants. The proposals would implement stricter screening procedures on electing the Board Directors and the Chairman. One proposal was approved, and the new board was requested to strengthen the other proposals for the next coming AGM. The Treasurer presented a nice surplus against a planned deficit for 2018 and a realized deficit for 2017.