Samples from test batches of the Covid-19 vaccine made by Siam Bioscience have passed quality testing at AstraZeneca’s designated laboratories in Europe and the United States, the company announced on Sunday.

James Teague, President of AstraZeneca Thailand, said that The samples of COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca made by Siam Bioscience passed the full tests the standard set by the Department of Medicial Sciences (DMS) for requirements such as chemical composition and safety and passed the quality testing at AstraZeneca’s designated laboratories in Europe and  the U.S. which are getting closer to deliver the first batch of the vaccine to the government of Thailand.

According to the release, numerous safety tests and quality control measures are carried out at each step of manufacturing and distribution. This includes completing all steps in the quality assurance process, with each batch of vaccine undergoing more than 60 different quality control tests during its journey from manufacture to vaccination.

Their focus is on delivering vaccines as quickly as possible whilst ensuring adherence to the highest safety and quality standards and processes. They will continue to work closely with the government to access to the vaccine in a timely manner and at no profit during the pandemic.

Source: Bangkok Post