Fallout from Tuesday’s court dual pricing decision in Phetchaburi continued to reverberate around Thailand.

Mr. Erwin Buse from the Netherlands had taken the Ministry of Public Health to court over dual pricing for foreigners and other groups at Hua Hin hospital. It was shown that there were four different pricing bands. In the third were expats who would pay a lot more. Mr. Buse described this as unconstitutional in his suit.

According to press reports the court said that it did not see the dual pricing as discriminatory suggesting the higher rates charged to foreigners who could pay more were good for the nation. The bad image of state sponsored rip-offs was not mentioned by the court. Mr. Buse plans to appeal and told ASEAN NOW that the judge in the case acted in the interest of the MoPH.

“The bottom line is that foreigners must pay 96% additional for labour cost”.

“Foreigners must also pay 25% additional (cost) for highly trained English speaking personnel”.

He said that the court had not considered the pertinent facts in its judgment and had ignored how calculations were made.