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Immigration News

Extension of the State of Emergency
On February 25, 2021 (as per the Announcement in the Government Gazette), the Royal Thai Government approved the extension of the Emergency Decree nationwide until March 31, 2021, as part of the strengthened measures nationwide to contain local transmission of Covid-19. This latest extension is the tenth since the initial order in March 2020. The Government has ordered the easing of some Covid-19 containment measures as authorities prepare to start a vaccination rollout.

Revision of categories of foreigners who are eligible to enter Thailand during the COVID-19 situation
All passengers are still required to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) from a Thai Embassy or Consulate prior to being able to enter Thailand.

Mandatory requirement of COE and 14-day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) for all foreign national passengers
All types of foreign national passengers are required to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) prior to entering Thailand and complete a 14-day ASQ upon arrival in Thailand. While some people may have received the required dosage of a COVID-19 vaccination, they are still required to complete a 14-day ASQ upon arrival in Thailand. Passport vaccination has not yet been announced to be accepted to replace the ASQ in Thailand for the time being


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