The newly appointed Danish Ambassador Jon Thorgaard visits Danish founded companies SHAW Group and L.V. Technology

Monday the 10 August 2020 the Danish Ambassador Jon Thorgaard joined by Senior Trade Adviser Nippon Umaporn Mukdasathien visited three institutions in one go all located in UM Tower Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Bangkok. The Ambassador also inspected the new DTCC office and discussed cooperation on upcoming seminars and of course the annual Christmas Lunch.

Founder Mr. Hans Jørgen Nielsen presented L. V. Technology Ltd., which have been going through an administrative overhaul the last 3 years are slowly finding firm ground and are doing cement business in cooperation with SHAW Group selling factory designs mainly out of Thailand. Even during the difficulties presented by COVID-19 lockdown and being unable to travel out of Thailand, jobs are still coming in from faithful customers abroad.

CEO Mr. Surat Kaeowattana presented an overview of SHAW Groups many activities on biofuel resources in Thailand and how the company were engaged in exporting biofuels to countries in Asia.

After the presentations by the two companies and the chamber office, the talk quickly focussed on greening and green technologies and especially the field of energy saving, and carbon fixing was touched upon.

All areas of high importance for Danish policies on commerce and trade.