For many years, IFU – the Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries has co invested with Danish companies setting up a business in Thailand. In total, IFU has co-invested in close to 30 businesses.

Besides providing equity and loans to the Thailand operations, IFU has also contributed with professional advice during preparation and operation of the business for example by serving as board member.


In the spring of 2015, IFU had its investment mandate revised. Going forward, IFU can continue to co-invest in businesses having a financially engaged Danish partner, businesses holding a so-called “Danish economic interest”. The effect is that IFU can invest in projects to which a Danish company supply products, technology, know-how and/or services, but not necessarily is  engaged as an investor or a shareholder.

Further, the revised mandate includes an extension of the number of investment countries which IFU can operate in, bringing the total number close to 150 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and parts of Europe.
Danish or local companies wishing to know more about IFU’s new ways of assisting Danish companies are welcome to contact Jan Dam.

Local Thai Adviser Jan Dam Pedersen
and/or Regional
Office Director Deepa Hingorani