DTCC Members may now seek advise and otherwise consult a special “Senior Advisory Group” – affectionately called “The Old Farts” – group which was established during the recent AGM. It consists of previous Chairmen and other long time members of the Chamber with Poul W. Weber as the Chairman and Tom Sorensen as Vice Chairman. Other members are immediate past president Thomas Nyborg, Leo Alexandersen, Peter Romhild, Ukrit Detsiri, Bent Laasholdt, and Gregers Moller. The members of the group has a combined experience of over 300 years of doing business in Thailand.

All DTCC Members can freely seek advise from the loosely knit group, which will meet at least in connection with the Networking events in February, May, August, and November. In between these group meetings, each of the senior members may also be contacted individually at any time.

The Senior Advisory Group will publish a collection of their various areas of expertise on a special page on the website dancham.or.th

Apart from being available for consultation, the “Old Farts” will also assist the board with the historical content for the coming 25 year anniversary of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.