Announcement of Public Banking Holidays and closing days of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce Office (DTCC).

As New Year are approaching we have now received the official list of holidays for 2017 (2560) from the Bank of Thailand during which the DTCC is planned to be closed.

As in 2016 the Government may publish extra holidays as for example the 3 January 2017. Therefore we advise that you always check the government news or newspapers in order to plan your company business meetings etc. properly.

The Staff of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce Office wish you all a Happy New Year and a successful life in 2017.

For further information please contact the DTCC Office

Download as a PDF file.

As notified by the Bank of Thailand for the year 2017:

       1.    Monday 2 January Substitution for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
(Saturday 31 December 2016 and Sunday 1 January 2017)
       2.    Tuesday 3 January Special Holiday
       3.    Monday 13 February Substitution for Makha Bucha Day
(Saturday 11 February 2017)
       4.    Thursday 6 April Chakri Memorial Day
       5.    Thursday 13 April Songkran Festival
       6.    Friday 14 April Songkran Festival
       7.    Monday 1 May National Labour Day
       8.    Friday 5 May Coronation Day
       9.    Wednesday 10 May Wisakha Bucha Day
     10.    Monday 10 July Substitution for Asarnha Bucha Day
(Saturday 8 July 2017)
     11.    Monday 14 August Substitution for H.M. the Queen’s Birthday
(Saturday 12 August 2017)
     12.    Monday 23 October Chulalongkorn Day
     13.    Tuesday 5 December H.M. the King’s Birthday
     14.    Monday 11 December Substitution for Constitution Day
(Sunday 10 December 2017)