A home away from home 

Surrounded by the rolling fields and heather dunes of Western Jutland, so close to the beautiful North Sea that you can almost hear the waves crashing, you can find The International. From the red brick buildings, you can hear laughter and English is spoken with a variety of accents. Go inside and you will find young people from all around the world hanging out with each other, studying and having a year like no other – because there is no other school in Denmark that offers the unique Danish ‘efterskole’ experience with an all English-speaking environment, which enables people from all over the world to come to the school.

We just have a great connection – all of us together. We are like one big family. For Easter, I went to Germany with one of my friends here from school, and I got to meet her friends and family and experience the country. To be able to just do something like that is just really special,” explains student Mette Rosenlund with a smile.

“We endeavor to create a home away from home here. A home where we as teachers do everything that we can to nurture personal growth and togetherness,” remarks teacher Consuelo Davis.

An International dream

The school is known for its unique international learning environment with the 60 students and 10 teachers currently representing no less than 30 nationalities.

“Who signs up for a year at The International – you might ask? There are a lot of Danish students who are just attracted by the concept, then there are many who have some kind of relationship to Denmark through family, and finally, we have international students from all around the world that have no prior relationship to Denmark at all. Combined this creates the very special culture – and not least understanding of other cultures – that is so unique to The International, “ says Alex Mason, Head of the International Department.

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