The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has announced a list of so-called low risk countries from which fully vaccinated travelers are only required to quarantine while waiting for the PCR test one day at a approved hotel on arrival. The lifting of the old scheme will be effective from the 1 November 2021. At the same time 17 provinces including Bangkok will have curfew lifted from 31 October 2021 from 2300h. 

Finally! It sounds unreal or rather unbelievable, but it seems that most of the COVID restrictions whether it be at the international airports or national restrictions including curfew in selected ‘tourist’ destinations will be waived from 1 November 2021. Denmark along with its Nordic neighbors is listed among the long list of countries. A translated list can be seen here.

Nevertheless, it has now been announced in the Royal Government Gazette of Thailand on the 21 October 2021.