” Starwood Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of hospitality giant Marriott, recently suffered a data breach in its exposing personal information of more than 500 million people. “

“Already seen as one of the massive breaches in history, about 327 million affected people found that their passport numbers, emails and mailing addresses were revealed. Marriott added that some credit card details may also have been taken. As a result, Marriott shares slumped 5.6% in pre-market trading last week. While it is a hard time for Marriott since its credibility has been damaged, the hospitality group just gained an opportunity to turn the tables.”

‘‘Marriott has a chance to repair the reputational damage inflicted by shaping the future for the better and being seen as the catalyst for improved industry standard systems would be a great fillip. It must seize this opportunity to turn a great negative into a positive.”

“This is a situation where a customer thinks more highly of a company after the company has corrected a problem than giving the right service in the first place. It was found out that consumers have more confidence in a company that can handle errors than when a regular service was provided.”

“If Marriott can prove that it can ease the inconveniences resulting from the cyber attack, it may not lose the loyalty of its guests.”

Source: https://www.traveldailymedia.com/marriott-data-breach/?link-id=h