The DTCC Chamber has received information from several sources that the regulations for the issuing of new work permits since 28 March 2018, will allow foreigners with a work permit to legally work in any field, anywhere in the country, for any employer as long as the work being done in not on the list of occupations prohibited to foreigners.

The Chamber have obtained an English and a Thai version of the Royal Decree for the reader to download. The changes came about via the Emergency Decree on Non-Thais’ Working Management (No.2) (2018) which was passed on March 27 and came into effect on March 28. Section 37 of the Emergency Decree this year annulled Sections 70, 71, 72 and 74 of the former Emergency Decree issued in 2017. The Royal Decree can be downloaded here in ENGLISH and in THAI.

This implies that a new work permit book will be issued as soon as possible. It has also been informed from the Labour Department that in future the book will finally be replaced by a smart card to fit in your wallet.

For further information you should contact the Labour Department directly or may also contact the DTCC Office.