We see that meetings, seminars and conferences are being cancelled both in Asia and Europe. However, there are certain meetings that are required by law to conduct within a certain date, usually within the first 120 days of the the calendar year. In Thailand the Annual General Meeting (AGM) season is approaching and with the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), many listed companies have concerns over their upcoming AGMs. Holding physical meetings containing a large number of shareholders may risk the spreading of the disease.

Therefore, many authorities including the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Office of the SEC“), the Stock Exchange of Thailand (the “SET”) and the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce (the “MOC“) have issued guidelines and measures to deal with the COVID-19 situation and the limitations for listed companies to hold an annual general meeting of shareholders.

You can read more on the public guidelines for conducting AGM meetings in Thailand in the latest Client Alert from Baker McKenzie here.