Although Denmark have seen relatively few cases the sudden increase from 35 to 514 has caused severe concerns forthe Danish Government. On a press meeting two days ago, PM Mette Frederiksen said public sector employees who do not perform critical functions will be sent home on paid leave, while those in the private sector will be encouraged to work from home as much as possible. Indoor events with 100 or more participants will also be been banned. The number of infected today is 615. 

The measures brings Denmark to the forefront of countries in implementing preventive measures. There have not been reported any death and most people infected are young person that have returned home from skiing holidays in February from Italy and Austria.

The Danish people takes the measures with calm and without to much sentiment. Rather people shows understanding of the situation and most private sector business have taken action to close down by them selves.

Some of the measures taken are:

  • all schools and day care facilities are suspended
  • all non essential public employees are sent home from Friday
  • all public libraries, culture centres etc will be locked
  • there’s a strong recommendation that all associations, sport clubs, religious communities etc. do the same
  • all events over 100 attendees are recommended to be cancelled
  • bars, night clubs etc are recommended to close
  • Hospitals and nursing homes will limit the possibilities for visiting

Upon the Danish Government announcement Malaysia will impose a travel ban on Demark effective on from 14 March following the Scandinavian country’s lockdown order announced on Wednesday.