The Taiwanese-Danish firm BluSense Diagnostics has developed a device to diagnose COVID-19 with 90 percent certainty within 12 minutes using one drop of blood, and the EU next month could license it for use and it could be available in Taiwan by June. The small ViroTrack diagnostic machine adapted to detect antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 was tested at the Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark last week.

BluSense was established in 2014, with its equipment manufacturing and hardware development centers in Taoyuan’s Gueishan District, while its biochemistry research and development branch is in Copenhagen. The research facility was founded in 2014 and has more than 60 employees. Learn more about the company in Denmark here.

More information on the COVID-19 testing invention can be read here.

Source: Taipei Times 9 April 2020.