JFCCT 40 Years in Thailand supporting Foreign Business

 Sponsorship opportunity of JFCCT Book


JFCCT is pleased to inform you that 2016 is 40 years since our foundation. It was back in 1976 that the entire foreign community of business people joined in an idea when the American Chamber invited members of the British, French, German and Japanese chambers to attend a meeting with the then Prime Minister. A foreign business organization which came to be known as JFCCT was formed.

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) is the umbrella organization for the various foreign chambers of commerce and business associations operating in Thailand. There are currently 33 member bodies representing over 9,000 companies. JFCCT has taken a keen interest in the entire economy for a long time and currently works through specific committees: Education and Skills, ICT, International Trade, SME and Tourism, in addition to engagements in general areas such as foreign investment, free movement of skills, investment promotion etc.

Supporting Foreign Business for 40 years is a special occasion to be celebrated. JFCCT 40 Years in Thailand Supporting Foreign Business is the commemorative publication which chronicles the historical timelines and events of our organization from its foundation 40 years ago and includes information of our members, pieces from the current Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board of Trade, Chairman of JFCCT and five Committees. We seek your kind and generous support and contribution to help us make the publication successful.

JFCCT offers sponsorship opportunities for this occasion for recognition of your company’s leading role in contributing to understanding about foreign business acknowledgement on all publicity. Specifically this can take the form of : a full page description of your company and its contribution; or a two page spread; or other tailored sponsorship

The sponsorship would also include recognition on the JFCCT website www.jfcct.org with links to your own website.

Packages range from THB 50,000 to THB 100,000 + VAT.

The publication is not an annual event. It is intended to have substantial shelf-life well beyond 2016 and will continue to carry its messages for some time. 5,000 copies will be produced; costs will include production and shipping expense to deliver to Ministries, Embassies, Board of Trade, Board of Investment, and other government agencies.

Sponsorship not only means a contribution to the valuable endeavor but also gives special recognition of your contribution to the JFCCT journey and important role of the entire foreign business community.

A limited number of sponsorships are available. We encourage interested sponsors to sign up as soon as possible. You may sign up by mailing this completed form to admin@jfcct.org by
31 March 2016.

We very much look forward to your favourable reply and will be pleased to provide further information.