Mr. Joachim Schalck                                               Mr. Jesper Riis-Antonsen
President (DTCC)                                                     Vice-President (DTCC)
Head of Service, Thailand & Vietnam                                 Vice President – Procurement         

     Vestas Wind Technology Thailand Ltd.                          PANDORA Production Co., Ltd. 


At the first Board Meeting convened yesterday Afternoon 20 April 2017 after the recent Annual General Meeting Mr. Joachim Schalck, Head of Service Thailand & Vietnam from Vestas Wind Technology Thailand Ltd. was elected as the President with Mr. Jesper Riis-Antonsen, Vice President – Procurement, PANDORA Production Co., Ltd. elected as the Vice-President for the Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce.

By a recently established election procedure where the nominated candidates presented their view on the path forward for the Chamber, Joachim Schalck was unanimously elected as the President for the Chamber seconded by Jesper Riis-Antonsen as the Vice-President.

The Chamber Secretariat congratulates Joachim and Jesper with the new positions and are looking forward to be working with both of you.

Michael Andersen
The Danish – Thai Chamber of Commerce