NEW visa facility for Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce Corporate members at the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok

The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok has made a “fast track visa” facility available to the corporate members of Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce (CKA – consular key account).  The facility is for Bone Fide business travel to Denmark and tourist visits not exceeding 30 days for spouses and children of senior executive staff of the Danish-Thai corporate members.

Under the visa facility the options for multiple 1, 2 and 3 year visa will be issued to the extent possible in order to reduce the repeat application of bone fide visa applicants.

The facility reduces the documentation required based on the DTCC corporate members legal status and appropriate registration.

Access to the facility requires registration through the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce by contacting the Chamber for supporting documents. Your application for being admitted on the Visa Fast Track scheme will be considered and possibly approved as soon as possible after submission.

The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce welcomes this first step in further facilitating business travel between Denmark and Thailand. For any further information on the scheme please contact the Chamber secretariat or the Visa Section at the Royal Danish Embassy.

            Pre approval of companies for invitations: Danish companies, which issue invitation for business partner’s business visa to Denmark can be pre-approved by the Danish Immigration authority (udlaendingeservice). This will further speed up the visa processing and enable electronic invitation letters. Please see detailed information at this link;


Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce continuously work with the relevant Danish and Thai authorities to facilitate business travel between our two countries. If you have any suggestions or experiences you would like to share with us please contact