130+ guests were registered and almost all turned up at the gate of the Embassy of Denmark. The DTCC reception team composed of staff from DTCC and SHAW Group who assisted in setting up the arrangement at the embassy. The staff from Stable Lodge helped since the early morning with the decoration and preparing the delicious buffet which was praised by the guests.

Ambassador Jon Thorsgaard, DTCC Chairman Claus Rasmussen and Executive Director Michael Andersen welcomed the guests with information on activities planned for 2021 to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of trade between Thailand (Siam) and Denmark. Officially Denmark commenced trade with Siam under the patronage of King Christian IV and by invitation letters in December 1621 from the Regent of Tenasserim declaring interest of trade between Siam and Denmark.

The Chamber and its members were very grateful for the sponsorships provided by Linak, Grundfos and Boonrawd Trading. Furthermore, more than 30 lucky draw gifts were distributed among the guests thanks to the many companies who donated the prizes to the chamber. Without their assistance, the lunch would never have been such a success as it evidently was.